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In Conversation with: Julia Bardo

Last month Julia Bardo invited me to hang out before her show at The Lexington to take some photos. In addition to some portraits and live photos, I asked Julia a few questions - and most importantly for photos of her cat.

Who are you and how would you describe your band?

I am Julia Bardo and I am a solo artist accompanied by an amazing group of sensible, sensitive and talented people, when we play live shows.

I only write about my experiences in life and about what I know best: my own head and self. People say that my songs are introspective and very personal and quite sad. But true to me.

I love guitars.

Do you have a funny tour story for us?

I had the best time on tour, I couldn’t believe how much I laughed and smiled. I thought I lost the ability to do that for many reasons and things I’ve been through the past month.

I can’t even pick a particular story but this is one I find quite funny.

So, basically our TM Kiko used to play a song very loud in the van called Summer Smash by Denim and at the beginning we all hated it, towards mid tour we knew all the words and in the end it became our walking on stage tune. There is also a video somewhere to prove that lol.

Do you have any pets you can tell us about (and show photos of)?

The creature I live for, my beautiful cat Tabi.

What’s the best pizza?

Definitely pizza with bufala mozzarella, friarielli and truffle oil!!!!!

What would you like to achieve as a musician?

I want to see the world (even if I get anxious when I get out of my own house).

I think my aim in this life is to help people in some way; I hope the songs I write resonate and help whoever is listening, feeling less alone.

You are not a freak or “crazy”, sometimes you are just in the wrong environment. I wish I would believe this myself.

Also, I want to be rich so I don’t have to marry a rich slimy man.

Who are some of your heroes?

PJ Harvey, Sylvia Plath, Kim and Kelly Deal, Kim Gordon, Carrie Brownstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Chloe Sevigny, Stephen Malkmus.

Can you make us a playlist of songs that inspire your music or you as musicians?

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