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In Conversation with: bdrmm

Who are you and how would you describe your band?

Jordan: Hello! I’m Jordan. I don’t know really. Someone outside a venue once said our music was ‘painfully simple’ so I’ll go with that.

Ryan: Hey, I’m Ryan. I’m the vocalist/guitarist in bdrmm, I guess we’re a shoegaze band. When people ask what music we made it was a nightmare to answer, but blessed to finally have an answer.

You are originally from Hull, like a bunch of other bands that are now mostly Leeds based. What is your relationship with Hull and its creative scene?

Jordan: I think we’ll always hold a great fondness for Hull. We should definitely head back maybe more than we currently do though. Luckily, we’re playing there in a few days and I can’t contain my excitement. Any show at the Adelphi is usually ace and to be able to play there is still as fun and exciting as when we first started. It holds a very dear place in my heart.

Ryan: Yeah, I feel so proud to be from Hull, and despite living in Leeds, Hull will always be my home. I think there is a great DIY scene back home, it gave us a platform to start this journey as bdrmm while at the same time always kind of doing our own thing. That’s the beauty of there, there are so many opportunities there for upcoming artists no matter which way they approach it.

You are going on tour with Ride in April. How does that feel?

Jordan: Completely amazing. Our Dad introduced me and Ryan to Ride at a young age so I’m really excited for him to come see us play. Hopefully we don’t fuck it up.

Ryan: Haha yeah what Jordan said. One of the first records I bought was the 12” of Leave them all behind/Grasshopper and it definitely was a huge inspiration on the way I write music now. It doesn’t feel real that they know who we are, let alone be sharing the stage with them.

When can we expect some new music from you?

Jordan: Soon we hope. Album 2 is underway at the moment but we’re raring to get another track out there as soon as possible.

Ryan: Yeah, we went into the studio last year, and we came out with Port, which has become an integral part of our set. Took some time after that to focus on writing some more before delving into the studio again, but now we’re ready. There will be new music very soon. There are some very exciting things in the pipeline.

If you had an unlimited budget, what would your dream bedroom look like?

Jordan: A bowling alley, and instead of an alarm clock I’d pay someone to throw me into the pins every morning.

Ryan: Exactly how it is now, but then you zoom out real slowly and realise its inside a snow globe…

Can you make us a playlist of songs that inspire your music or you as musicians?


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