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In Conversation with: Heartworms

Who are you and how would you describe your band?

So my project Heartworms is dark synthy wave with essence of gothic post punk? I find it hard to identify it as all I know is it’s dark and moody.

Your second ever show with Heartworms was a BBC Introducing show. How did that feel?

It was peculiar but extremely bewildering to be honest. Playing outside near Tower Bridge for BBC Intro London pulled a few strings in my soul, the VIEW! Jess Iszatt has been so supportive with my music since my first single and to play for her was such a pleasure.

You did a collaboration with Dan Carey for his Quarantine Series - how did that happen and how was it to work with him?

I followed Dan on Instagram from my band account and a few hours later he followed me back. From then he liked some videos I posted on my feed, messaged me saying he likes my voice and that we should collaborate! Sent over some instrumentals to choose from. To work with Dan then it was really odd because of lockdown and not even knowing how we would work together, but sending him my ideas and him saying they were good really pushed me to work harder with my music. Dan and I have met a few times recently and it’s great how our friendship has just bloomed from pure fate and so naturally. I’ve always dreamed to work with Dan and I believe in the law of attraction, when you want something so badly…don’t stop thinking about it! And work your ass off!

The lyrics of your songs are very poetic. What inspires your songwriting?

My songwriting comes from a very still moment where my brain is in focus without distraction and I’m very easily distracted so it’s kind of a fight sometimes but when I finally sit and try, something really good comes out of it. I don’t actually get inspired straight away from watching a movie or from social media or anything like that but mainly people’s conversations and sitting on the bus. Lyrics for me have changed and grew over years of playing with different sounds, rhymes, even just saying random words over a track and making sense of them after! I LOVE reading poetry, finding old books in charity shops and getting inspired by new words I learn from them.

Your first single was released during lockdown through the amazing Permanent Creeps. What’s next for you?

I'm planning on recording next year and hope to release around mid, but it’s all a surprise I guess

Can you make us a playlist of songs that inspire your music or you as a musician?

Wye Oak and The Shins were the first artists that made me want to do what I do. And I put two songs that changed my life on the playlist along with other ones I found over time. There’s so much more, but right now these are it.


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