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In Conversation with: Kyoto Kyoto

Who are you and how would you describe your band?

We are Scott MacDonald, Levent Ceylan & Joel Marten. Kyoto Kyoto's music spans Krautrock, Anatolian psych and noise.

Why did you decide to sing in German?

Since the vocals are the most personal part of the music it would feel forced or unnatural for me to sing in a different language other than my native language.

How is the UK music scene different from the German one?

It feels like the music scene in the UK is constantly changing since so many bands first priority is to make something unique and new instead of just 'making music'. In Germany it feels more like that the scenes are settled on specific genres e.g. techno, metal, indie.

What is a German fun-fact people should know? Scooter > Helene Fischer

If you could play any venue, where would you like to play and why? The philharmonic hall in Munich! Since the place heavily influenced my way of looking at music and my music taste while working there for 3 years, it'd be fulfilling on a different level to be on the same stage as people like Keith Jarrett, Daniil Trifonov or Benjamin Clementine.

What’s next for Kyoto? Gigs, announcements & gig announcements!


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