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In Conversation with: Public Body

Who are you and how would you describe your band?

We are Public Body! A band from Brighton/London - we play music that’s too fast for us to play comfortably and sing songs complaining about working office jobs.

How does your recording process work with three producers in the band?

We recently worked with the engineer, Chris Skirl who is such a nice guy, he made everything sound amazing and if we had an idea and were talking about whether we should do it or not, he’d just sneak off and set it up in like 5 minutes. It was super fun to have someone like that engineering for us, he was always up for taking a punt. But to be honest we spent most of the time making sure the snare, floor tom and hi hats sounded good, the rest is meaningless haha so just DI the guitars and bass and use the demo vocal takes I did sit down in my bedroom basically!

What is your opinion on the current post-punk hype?

Yeh it's cool, there's definitely some killer bands right now pushing it and making it fresh. For me Home Counties, Egyptian Blue and Roxy Girls are my go tos

Which is your favourite venue to play? And which to hang out?

We haven’t done much out of Brighton/London yet so it’d have to be The Hope and Ruin in Brighton. It's my fav to play mainly because Max Jacob, the sound engineer who works there, is the best… And to hang out probably at the Shacklewell Arms because I like the smoking area. Looking forward to playing some more venues when we go on tour in 2022.

What’s next for you? Any plans for an EP or album?

We got an EP coming out early next year called ‘Flavour of Labour’. It's got some pretty crazy artwork thanks to our matey Emil Mniszko. Then after that maybe an album but that's scary and expensive. Just looking forward to going on tour and playing shows.

Can you make us a playlist of songs that inspire your music or you as musicians?

I’d love to:


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