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In Conversation with: Slap Rash

Who are you and how would you describe your band?

Huw: I enjoy that there's nothing too complicated about what we do. I think we’d both agree that we just like telling stories through the music. The best way to get an image of us as a band is probably to see us live.

Amelia: I agree with Huw, a SLAP RASH set is a storybook delivered in the most energetic way possible. I like to think we tell foreboding ghost stories with maximum attack.

You emerged from lock-down evolving from a local band to playing shows all over the country. How have the last two years been for you?

Huw: The past two years have been strange in a very positive way. After a lot of long distance writing during the lockdown(s) we came out with a clearer idea of what we wanted to express. Luckily it seems like people have enjoyed that too.

Amelia: I think sometimes taking some time away from your instrument can really work in your favour in the long run. Being forcibly apart from my drum kit meant when I finally got to sit back behind it a whole new flurry of ideas emerged. Though I found lockdown totally unbearable I’m glad I can look back and find silver linings.

Which bands influenced you?

Huw: It’s almost a joke at this point but OSees and Primus are my number one influences musically, and John Dwyers work ethic is unparalleled. Have to mention Massive Attack and Gorillaz too.

Amelia: Alice in Chains, Porno for Pyros, TOOL. I’d hesitate even to say Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Aphex Twin.

Many bands that start out as a two-piece will end up adding a third member along the way. Do you feel that there are limitations to what you can do with two people or are the two of you all you need?

Amelia: For us SLAP RASH wouldn’t be the same if there was another person added to the mix. I understand that sonically we could achieve ‘more’ by adding more people but I don’t think we need that and the challenge of accessing ‘more’ whilst just remaining us two is something we both enjoy working out. SLAP RASH, whether selfishly or not, is mine and Huw’s alone and I’m proud of us for navigating a four+ member band landscape on our own.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Huw: We’ve just come back from recording the next single and it's a favourite of ours. Expect some more news around that in the near future.

Amelia: Yes, new single and an overflowing pile of ideas both auditory and visual hopefully around the corner.


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