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Songs of the Week

The last two weeks didn't just bring us the last days of summer but also a bunch of great new songs, including some amazing covers.

  1. Modern Woman - The Eel The experimental London quartett released their debut EP "Dogs Fighting In My Dream" (End of the Road Records)

  2. M(h)aol - Gender Studies A first taste of the Irish feminist-punk's upcoming debut EP of the same name (out 29.10. via Tulle)

  3. Chelsea Wolfe - Woodstock Chelsea released a 30 minute tour documentary from her 2019 "Birth of Violence" acoustic tour that was cut short by Covid. It includes two new songs - this Joni Mitchell cover is one of them.

  4. Talk Show - Underworld We might have to wait a little bit longer for a Talk Show album - but this song shows that it will be worth the wait.

  5. Gnod - Pink Champagne Blues First single from Gnod's upcoming 5-track album "La Mort Du Sens" (out 05.11. on Rocket Recordings)

  6. Public Body - Formica Another post-punk band? I know, but these guys are good fun and I can't wait to dance to this song when they're playing Sebright Arms on Monday.

  7. The Muslims - IDGAF New Epitaph signing The Muslims are fed up with white men dominating the punk scene. Their album "Fuck These Fuckin Fascists" is out now.

  8. The Coathangers - One Way or Another The Coathangers and L.A Witch are releasing a split 7" called "One Way or The Highway" via Suicide Squeeze. The Coathangers chose to cover Blondie...

  9. L.A. Witch - Ghost on the Highway ... while L.A. Witch are covering The Gun Club.

  10. Table Scraps - Never Liked It Anyway Happy album release day to garage rockers Table Scraps! "Coffin Face" is out now on Hells Teeth.

  11. Honeyglaze - Burglar Latest Speedy Wunderground signees Honeyglaze describe themselves as “the ungodly fusion of 3 humans into a clamouring superorganism. It eats only fish, and demands undistracted and constant worship. FFO Power Rangers, Salvador Dalí”. Burglar is their debut single.

  12. wych elm - Wench The Bristol indie-grunge quartet released their new EP "Rabbit Wench" today

  13. DAMEFRISØR - Do You Think I'm Special DAMEFRISØR deleted their previous songs from DSPs to return with official debut single "Do You Think I'm Special" on Permanent Creeps.

  14. Novi Sad - Any Change The noise-rock band from East-London are sharing their debut single with us. They are playing their first headline show at The Waiting Room tonight.

Cover photo: Talk Show

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