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Songs of the Week

Spooky season is upon us! My favourite songs from the last two weeks range from hauntingly beautiful to brutal assault on your ears. Enjoy!

  1. Saint Agnes - Uppercut After their tour dates with Skindred, Lucifer's children Saint Agnes released their heaviest song yet.

  2. Pulled Apart By Horses - First World Problems More than a year after their last single, a tour and a hint of their new album, PABH are done with teasing: Their new album will be out next year on Alcopop!

  3. Martha Skye Murphy - Stuck Another beautiful art-pop song from Martha

  4. Converge & Chelsea Wolfe - Blood Moon In 2015 Converge formed the supergroup Blood Moon for a handful of shows in Europe. The songs written during this collaboration with Chelsea Wolfe will now finally be released as an album.

  5. White Flowers - Underwater The new White Flowers single is as dark and dreamy as we'd hoped it to be.

  6. bdrmm - Port bdrmm are making shoegaze cool again. The first single since their 2020 debut album is going is quiet and gloomy.

  7. Phoebe Bridgers - Funny Feeling All proceeds of this Bo Burnham cover are going to reproductive rights charities - so head to bandcamp to buy it.

  8. Courtney Barnett - Write a List of Things to Look Forward to This new single is making me excited for Courtney's new album "Things Take Time, Take Time" is out on November 12th on Marathon.

  9. illuminati hotties - Joni: LA's No. 1 Goth Illuminati Hotties' new album is a wild ride between singer-songwriter, pop-rock and punk.

  10. Deap Vally - Magic Medicine After two collaboration EPs Deap Vally announced their third album and shared the first single. "Marriage" will be out November 19th.

  11. JOHN - Jargoncutter Congratulations to London's heaviest two-piece on their third album. "Nocturnal Manoeuvres" is out now on Brace Yourself Records.

  12. Big Cheese - The People's War Without any announcement, Leeds hardcore punks Big Cheese dropped a new three-track EP. Bangers.

  13. Cassels - Charlie Goes Skiing Cassels' new album will be out in February 2022 - This new single gives an excellent insight what to expect.

  14. Big Thief - Change There are rumours about a new Big Thief double-album for next year, but for now the dreamy new single has to be enough for us.

  15. Grouper - Ode to the Blue Only a couple of weeks until the new Grouper album. The last single is hauntingly beautiful.

  16. Legss - Hollywood The London four piece is one of the few bands that can make sprechgesang interesting, backing it with experimental, krautrock inspired, post-punk.

  17. rauchen - Angst I'm always happy to find great German bands. On their new EP Rauchen take a break from hardcore to explore their darker side.


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