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The Great Escape 2023 - Friday

It was so good to be back at The Great Escape. I saw 28 bands over the weekend and took photos of most of them. Here's a little preview of my Friday - more to come in my next zine available on Patreon. Find a playlist with all the bands at the bottom. Until next year!

The Oozes (UK) - Latest Music Bar

Rauchen (DE) - Patterns Upstairs

Hutch (UK) - Caravanserai (Alternative show)

Nice Biscuit (AUS) - Northlaine Brewhouse (Alternative Escape)

C.O.F.F.I.N. (AUS) - Northlaine Brewhouse (Alternative Escape)

Sprints (IRE) - Shipwright's Yard (Alternative Escape)

86TVs (UK) - Amazon New Music Stage

Lambrini Girls (UK) - Chalk

Bambi Thug (UK) - Volks

Fat Dog (UK) - Beach Stage


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